Vaccine Policy and Hiring Information for Job Seekers

Providing a safe, exceptional hiring experience remains a top priority.

In keeping with our mission, vision, and values, as well as our commitment to safety, Providence’s family of organizations expects caregivers to provide proof of up-to-date vaccination against COVID-19 or submit a written declination form. Those who are unable or unwilling to be vaccinated will be required to comply with masking, testing, and other infection prevention requirements in accordance with facility policy, CDC or public health recommendations.

Why do we have a caregiver vaccination policy in place?

This policy aims to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 transmission to workforce members, our vulnerable patient population, and the community. Vaccination is one of the most effective preventive measures available against COVID-19.

To whom does the policy apply?

The policy applies to all workforce members, including employees, caregivers, volunteers, trainees, interns, medical staff, students, independent contractors, vendors, and all other individuals working at the facility, whether or not they are paid by or under the direct control of the facility.

Which vaccines will meet our COVID-19 vaccination policy?

Receipt of the most current up-to-date vaccine according to CDC recommendations will meet policy requirements.

If I will be working remotely, do I need to comply with this policy?

As health care workers, we all play an important leadership role in protecting the health and safety of our communities. Hybrid caregivers who visit our facilities on occasion are required to comply. Caregivers who work 100% remote are exempt from this process, but are encouraged to be vaccinated. It’s important that we all work together for the greater good for our communities.

What if I lost my COVID-19 vaccination card/record?

You can retrieve a copy of your immunization from your state immunization registry. Please note: this may take weeks, so this process should be initiated immediately.

Our Ask:

According to the CDC, “COVID-19 spreads more easily than flu. Efforts to maximize the proportion of people in the United States who are up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines remain critical to reducing the risk of severe COVID-19 illness and death.”

Thank you for your partnership in ensuring the health and safety of our caregivers and patients.