Vaccine Requirement and Hiring Information for Job Seekers

Providing a safe, exceptional hiring experience remains a top priority.

In keeping with our mission, vision, and values, as well as our commitment to safety, Providence’s family of organizations are, consistent with federal rules, state public health orders, and policy, requiring caregivers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and show proof of vaccination. A booster dose is currently required for caregivers in California. Medical and religious exemptions are available for those who qualify. At this time, caregivers with medical or religious exemptions cannot be accommodated in roles at skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. For positions other than those in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, caregivers with approved exemptions must follow additional protocols where required, such as mandatory vaccine-related education/discussions and/or other infection prevention requirements in accordance with ministry/facility policy, CDC or state and local public health government orders.

As one of the largest health systems in the country, we must lead by example. This requirement helps us keep each other and our patients safe while also ensuring we are doing our part to end the pandemic.

Why do we have a caregiver vaccination policy in place?
This policy helps us to further prevent and control transmission among caregivers, our patients, and within our communities. It also helps us determine the most appropriate infection prevention protocols, consistent with public health authorities’ guidance.

To whom does the policy apply?
Subject to state law requirements, the policy applies to all workforce members, including employees, caregivers, volunteers, trainees, interns, medical staff, students, independent contractors, vendors, and all other individuals working at the facility, whether or not they are paid by or under the direct control of the facility.

What are the state law requirements for the states in which Providence has facilities?

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • California
  • New Mexico (hospitals)
  • Alaska – State of Alaska has not adopted a public health order requiring vaccination of healthcare workers. Providence facilities in Alaska, however, have adopted a policy requiring vaccination of caregivers working for those facilities, and are following the same timeline as Washington and Oregon for proof of full vaccination or an approved exemption.
  • The states of Texas and Montana have restrictions on what can be required on COVID-19 vaccination.

Which vaccines will meet Providence’s COVID-19 vaccination policy?
Any COVID-19 vaccine currently approved or authorized for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be accepted. This currently includes the two-dose Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax vaccine series and the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. As COVID-19 vaccines receive FDA approval, we will reassess and revise the policy, as needed, based on the science, facts, and data.

What does "fully vaccinated" mean?
To be fully vaccinated by your start date, it must have been at least two weeks after receiving the second dose in a two-dose series or at least two weeks after receiving a single-dose vaccine, or have an approved medical or religious exemption as a condition of your employment. California state public health orders and policy also require receipt of a booster vaccine if eligible, and if not, you must receive a booster within 15 days of becoming eligible. At this time, caregivers with medical or religious exemptions cannot be accommodated in roles at skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. If offered a position within Providence's family of organizations, you will have an opportunity to work with your recruiter to determine an appropriate start date that complies with the aforementioned conditions of employment (where applicable).

If I will be working remotely, do I need to get vaccinated or obtain an approved medical or religious exception?
As health care workers, we all play an important leadership role in protecting the health and safety of our communities. Remote and office-based caregivers may still need to visit our facilities on occasion, and vaccination helps ensure a safer environment for everyone, including those who may be vulnerable or immunocompromised. It’s important that we all work together for the greater good for our communities.

What if I lost my COVID-19 vaccination card/record?
You can retrieve a copy of your immunization from your state immunization registry. Please note: this may take weeks, so this process should be initiated immediately.

Are Providence’s family of organizations still hiring?
Yes. We have an urgent need for clinical and non-clinical workers to care for our patients. We are actively recruiting across all regions and locations for temporary, part-time, and full-time positions while taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our candidates, patients, caregivers, and communities.

Are job interviews still happening?
Yes. To minimize risk, we now offer virtual interviews as an alternative to in-person interviews across all of our regions and locations.

Is travel still allowed for out-of-area applicants?
Travel is allowed on a limited, case-by-case basis.

Are new employee/caregiver orientations still happening?
Yes. For the safety of our new and current caregivers, we now offer a virtual New Caregiver Orientation. This experience welcomes new caregivers and ensures they have all the required information, including knowledge of our organizations' safety and regulatory procedures. Our Promise is to “Know Me, Care for Me, Ease My Way,” and we are committed to this promise during virtual orientation.

What are you doing to keep your employees/caregivers safe?
So much has changed in a world with COVID-19. For us, this means a new landscape in how we deliver care, but with the same commitment to health and safety that we’ve always had. Here are the additional protocols we’ve put in place to protect the health of our caregivers, patients, and visitors.

SCREENING. We conduct appropriate COVID-19 symptom screening for caregivers, patients, and visitors to our facilities.

MASKING. Our facilities have adopted policies that align with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as state/local mandates.

DISTANCING. We’re taking steps to ensure appropriate distance between caregivers, patients, and visitors.

SANITIZING. We are regularly cleaning waiting areas and exam rooms in between visits, and hand sanitizer stations are located throughout our facilities.

SEPARATING. COVID-19 patients, as well as those caring for them, are safely isolated. Patients and caregivers with confirmed or suspected communicable diseases are isolated/quarantined per policies based on nationally accepted standards and recommendations such as CDC guidelines.

VISITORS. We are allowing visitors in our facilities and adhering to infection prevention and control principles, such as symptom screening, hand hygiene, distancing, and cleaning/disinfecting. Additionally, some Providence Home and Community Care buildings may have limitations on visitation, depending on levels of COVID-19 in the community in which they are located. This helps maintain appropriate physical distancing and reduces the spread of germs.

How are you supporting your employees/caregivers through these difficult and unprecedented times?
We’re listening to our people. We know many of our caregivers and their family members are experiencing stress and anxiety due to the increased burden of COVID-19. We have a range of resources that can support their emotional needs, free of charge. We're also providing added benefits for childcare, emergency loans, and more. Learn more here.

Where can I learn more about Providence's COVID-19 response measures?
For more about our response to COVID-19, please visit our coronavirus advisory site.