Advocacy and social responsibility

Make a local and
global impact

At Providence, we believe health is a human right

When you join Providence, you join an organization that advocates for responsible, sustainable and equitable policies and practices. Our social responsibility priorities include:

Caregivers working for positive change

Our Mission of serving those who are poor and vulnerable compels many of our caregivers to participate in direct advocacy, partnering with other Mission-aligned organizations within our communities.

Community Partnerships

“At Providence, we believe health is a human right and we are steadfast in our commitment to building healthy, resilient communities. We tirelessly advocate for programs, policies and practices that advance the physical and mental health of individuals, all as well as the health of the Earth, our common home, helping bring to life our vision of health for a better world.”

- Ali Santore, EVP, Chief Advocacy & Sustainability Officer

Growing community-first leadership

The Community Health Investment certificate provides caregivers training in community health, health inequities, community health data analytics and more through the University of Providence.

Community Health Education

Wellness for all

In addition to prioritizing mental health for our caregivers, we champion mental health for all through Well Being Trust. This foundation is dedicated to advancing a vision of a nation where everyone is well—in mental, social and spiritual health.

Well Being Trust

Social responsibility news

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